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GUIDE TO: Learning about colour from nature.

GUIDE TO: Learning about colour from nature.

Connemara Pink Evening

When you study the art of painting you learn about colour. Maybe like me you studied the colour wheel, learning about complementary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours.  

I remember the first time I was introduced to Josef Albers beautiful book ‘ The Interaction of Colour’ by a tutor in my foundation year art course. He had an old copy that had been heavily thumbed and I vividly recall the soft worn cover. That same tutor, Robin Jones, allowed me to borrow his copy of Bridget Riley's ‘The Eyes Mind’. My mind was blown to learn about colour discord, to see how she could make two colours vibrate when placed next to one another.

For many years I thought this was when I first ‘learned’ about colour. Yet all of my childhood I had watched the spectacular show of colour and light that is the sun setting each evening on the west coast of Ireland. Since returning to the west coast of Ireland I realise that I’ve really ‘learning’ about colour every day of my life.

‘Colour Story’ will be a series of photo essays exploring the relationship of colour, light and material in the environment of the west coast of Ireland. The series will cover a little bit of scientific colour theory, natural phenomenon and colour in art and design.

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