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SUPERFOLK NEWS: "Meander" now in Black

SUPERFOLK NEWS: "Meander" now in Black

The Superfolk Meander candle holder is now available in a new matt black patina finish.



This candle holder is finished in Renaissance Wax. Renaissance wax polish was originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories in the early 1950s. Renaissance wax is made from a blend of natural and manmade waxes.



Large “Meander” candle holder (holds up to 5 candles)



Small “Meander” candle holder (holds up to 3 candles)



The shape of the holder is based on the meanderings of the Owenmore river in north Co. Mayo. This candle holder reminds us of the gentle beauty of nature.

“The meandering river is the embodiment of all that is simple and beautiful in nature. The river gently navigates the landscape. Its path is constantly improving and evolving. It is calm and restless at the same time. The meandering product range echoes that soft search for the sea, the gentle journey of water from the source to the coast.”



Notes: Material: 100% copper. Finish: Blackened patina over copper with a wax finish. Patina is applied by hand which means coverage will vary in coverage and thickness. Parts of the patina may scratch easily. Re-wax with Renaissance wax or Beeswax

Black Meander Candle Holder (5 candles) - €160.00

Black Meander Candle Holder (3 candles) - €90.00


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