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February Diary: Glorious Bog Trotters

February Diary: Glorious Bog Trotters

When will it be Spring? Bring on Summer! Autumn can’t come fast enough...
Instead of wishing these days away, a diary acts as a reminder to ourselves (and, we hope, to you our reader) to train our eyes on the beauty that is to be found in nature and in this present moment.



February 2021

In February we found ourselves (again) walking laps of the same streets, roads, lanes, and bog tracks ... at a physical distance from our friends and family. We remain at the highest level of lockdown and must stay within a 5km radius of our homes, except for essential travel.

Oddly, the cold weather this month was a welcome reprieve from the news. There were bright mornings with sheets of ice floating on the lake, blankets of overnight snow, snowballs, snowsuits, red noses, and hot chocolates.

The bog behind our house was frozen over for a few days. Usually, the ground there is soggy and spongey, and difficult to walk across. But, this month the bog was white and glittering. Our feet crunched on the grasses and we slide across bog pools. In these moments our 5km radius was transformed. It was magical.



Notes: More about the word “Bog Trotters”


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