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Established in 2018 Superfolk Press is a printing and publishing house committed to sharing our love for and knowledge of the natural world.

With each studio project we undertake we begin with the idea of ‘know, love, protect’ -  we aim to cultivate curiosity and creativity, to use close-looking to learn, and to use knowledge, beauty and passion to lead us each to become advocates for our natural world.

Our love for exploring the natural world is only matched by our love for hand colour mixing, pattern finding in nature and the act of hand-making prints in our studio. Our style of hand printing is a very simple, slow and meditative. Each and every print is unique and immersive. Our ink brush work is loose and instinctive, our photography is both minimal and rich.

Loosely our inspiration is the carefree, celebratory and circular pattern making of old time and traditional Irish music. Does that sounds a bit unlikely - listen here and see if you can make the connection.

Recent Projects:

Wild Sea

Breac House

Superfolk Prints

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Princeton Architectural Press (US)

Breac House  

Gregans Castle

True Story Dublin

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On establishing a printing house

Establishing Superfolk Press in 2018 is really fulfilment of a childhood day-dream. I can recall learning about Lily Yeats and the setting up of Cuala Press and thinking - I want to do that. I remember learning all about W.B Yeats the poet, Jack Yeats the painter and then there was a small side bar with a grainy black and white image about Cuala Press and Lilly Yeates. I remember staring deep into the image of three women in Victorian dress next to an old roller press and thinking to myself - I want to do that, I want to be them. One day I will be them.