Kombu Kelp

Kombu Kelp


Materials: Hand Burnished, Block Printing Ink onto Japanese Washi Paper (Awagami Okawara)

Colour Range Rust, Dark Olive, Light Olive (Each print is unique. Colours are variable as they are mixed and printed by hand)



Seaweed Collection Bring the sea home;  a collection of botanical prints inspired by clear bright mornings  seaweed foraging in the ice cold waters of the Atlantic. Hang as a set or make a  single bold statement. Crisp, elegant shapes are softened by delicate colour variations. Each print block is cut by hand and hand printed onto a 50gr handmade Japanese washi paper from Awagami Factory in Tokushima, Japan, where they have been making washi papers for eight generations. Kombu Kelp  Print on Washi Paper

Materials: Water based inks on a 50gr Handmade Japanese washi paper with deckled edge.

Size: 52 x 43cm. Fits our Medium Hanging Frame.

Colour Tone Range: Raw umber with dark green undertones, bright flashes of a warmed yellow ochre.

Detail: Each print is made by hand in our studio on the west coast of Ireland.

A handmade product, ink colour tone variations are unique to each print.

Hand signed and dated by the printmaker.


Designer: Superfolk, 2016. Launched at London Design Festival.

As featured at Formex Stockholm by Tina Helleberg


Designed and Made by Superfolk in Mayo, Ireland.

Article Ref No: SPF PSS004

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Learn More About Kombu Kelp (Laminara Digitata)

Kelps are large brown seaweeds found along the Atlantic coast of North America and Europe. Laminara Digitata, commonly known as Tangle Kelp or Oarweed, has a great glossy fan-shape with broad finger-like fronds. Older plants can grow up to 3m long and 1m wide. Look for Kelps in deeper rock pools on or below the low tide. Occasionally you might find specimens tossed up onto the shore still attached to a smaller rock.  After harvesting use fresh or hang out to dry on a washing line. Kelps are also sometimes known by their Japanese name ‘Kombu’.