Autumn Beech Leaf

Autumn Beech Leaf


Autumn beech leaf block print on washi paper.


Materials: Water based inks on a 34 gsm handmade Japanese washi paper with deckled edge.

Size: 99cm x 61cm. Fits our Large Hanging Frame.

Colour Tone Range: Yellow Ochre and Raw Umber with flashes of Cadium red.

Detail: Our most popular large print.

Each print is made by hand in our studio on the west coast of Ireland.

Ink colour tone variations are unique to each print.

Hand signed and dated by the printmaker.

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Superfolk, 2016.

Launched ‘Meander Collection’ Launched London Design Festival 2017

As featured on ‘Remodelista’, September 2017


Forest Canopy Collection

A collection inspired by the gentle shelter of a forest canopy on a stormy day. Hang as a set or make a single bold statement. Crisp, elegant shapes are softened by delicate colour variations. Each print block is cut by hand and hand printed onto a 34gsm long fibred handmade Japanese washi paper from Awagami Factory in Tokushima, Japan, where they have been making washi papers for eight generations.


Learn More About The Beech Tree

Watching the buds of the Beech (fagus) tree unfurl into delicate fresh green leaves is one of the most powerful signals of the renewal of Spring. Later in the year autumnal frosts,  turn the leaves a magnificent rusty-red colour before turning a leather brown. The leaves of the Beech tree  often linger right through winter until they are forced off the tree by Spring growth. The Beech tree grows very tall, and has a smooth, grey-blue bark. The Beech tree sends out purple flowers when it over 40 years old. Large old Beech trees are suited to climbing and building huts. The Superfolk forest canopy collection is inspired by the gentle shelter of a Beech tree canopy on stormy days.