Brass Meander Candle Holder Small (3 Candle)

Brass Meander Candle Holder Small (3 Candle)


A Brass candle holder to hold up to 3 candles. Beautiful in use or hanging quietly on a hook.

Based on the meanderings of the Owenmore river in north Co. Mayo, this candle holder reminds us of the gentle beauty of nature.

“The meandering river is the embodiment of all that is simple and beautiful in nature. The river gently navigates the landscape. Its path is constantly improving and evolving. It is calm and restless at same time. Superfolk want to bring the beauty of nature into the home. The meandering product range echoes that soft search for the sea, the gentle journey of water from source to the coast.”

Material: Brass plated copper

Finish: Lacquered high polished brass. (will not tarnish)

Size: H20mm x W50x L100mm

Weight: 0.5kg

Candles not included.

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